January 31, 2013

Needlin' Me

I tried acupuncture several years ago without success.  Recently, though, I received rave recommendations for a different acupuncturist and figured I'd give it another try.  I'm so glad I did!  Meet Dr. Qinghong Han.  She studied eastern and western medicine in China and taught there for five years before moving to the United States 17 years ago.  (She became an American citizen in 2008 and she always beams when she talks about that, which I love.)  Anyway, her treatments are incredibly relaxing.  During my first several visits, I fell asleep -- which is unheard of for me, since I rarely fall sleep anywhere except in bed, not even on the sofa.  So, what does Dr. Han do?  

Disclaimer:  If you have an aversion to needles, you probably shouldn't view the next photo.

She inserts about two dozen needles in my body, from the tips of my ears, to my neck, head, back, legs etc.  It doesn't hurt.  Really.  Then, I lay still and relax for about 20 minutes (that's where the napping comes in).  I feel absolutely noodlely after a treatment...so blissfully relaxed.  She's always very interested to hear how I'm feeling and what seems to be working.  (And, she's not too bad with a camera.)  You can learn more about acupuncture and Dr. Han on her website.

January 30, 2013

C is for Circus

Well, the timing of the letter C couldn't have been better for me.  World renowned circus performer and Sarasota native Nik Wallenda successfully completed another daring skywalk yesterday morning in downtown Sarasota. Way up high, above the treetops, 180 feet in the air, Nik walked over U.S. 41 on a high wire from a crane along Sarasota Bay to the top of a condo building without a safety harness or net. 

It was a bit more blustery than Nik anticipated and there were some issues with the crew jerking a line on the ground, but he made his 600 foot journey seem effortless one step at a time.  Just like his walk across Niagara Falls last summer, Nik wore a microphone and he talked live on television during the entire event explaining what was going on moment to moment.

As you can imagine, the estimated 10,000-12,000 spectators gathered on the ground at the bayfront to watch Nik's death defying feat, were captivated by the nerve wracking stunt (including yours truly).

A self professed showman at heart, Nik couldn't help but wow the crowd about three-quarters of the way through the walk, by kneeling on the itty bitty wire and pumping his fist.  (By the way, the balance pole he was carrying weighs 45 pounds and is 42 feet long.)  What balance, strength and concentration!

With spectators craning to watch from neighboring balconies, Nik 'ran' the last several steps and safely landed on the condo building...

...much to the delight of those of all ages.  He completed the skywalk in just eight minutes -- not even long enough to get a kink in your neck from looking up.

Nik's high wire act was a publicity event for Circus Sarasota, where Nik performed twice last night after this walk.  There's a long history of circus performers in his family with direct ties to the Flying Wallendas.  And, Sarasota is also well known for its history with the circus, going back to the 1930's when John Ringling (as in the Ringling Bros. circus)  established Sarasota as the winter home for the circus, and subsequently had a tremendous impact on the development of the city.  As for the current circus generation, Nik already has his eye on his next mind boggling feat:  walking over the Grand Canyon on a high wire without a safety harness on live television this summer. We couldn't be more proud of our hometown hero.  Go get 'em, Nik!   Check out other interesting submissions for the letter C at ABC Wednesday.

January 29, 2013

Upward Swing

For almost two years, I've been documenting gasoline prices every month at the same station here in Sarasota. It seems we're seeing an upward swing right now. Prices have gone up 14-cents since December.  One year ago, prices were 6-cents cheaper, which seems a bit hard to believe.  And, that's one of the reasons I've been committed to this monthly exercise.  With so many other things to think about, it's difficult to remember month-to-month and year-to-year where gas prices have been.

In other news, Nik Wallenda will walk over U.S. 41 on a thin high wire at 11 a.m. today in downtown Sarasota.   It's going to be quite an exciting day.  Godspeed, Nik!

January 28, 2013

Baseball Fever

Kim, Kim and Cindy are just three of the many baseball fans who patiently waited in line at Ed Smith Stadium Saturday afternoon to purchase Baltimore Orioles spring training tickets the first day individual game tickets went on sale.  From what I hear, the Orioles' webpage and phone lines were jammed with people wanting to snap up tickets.  These ladies showed up in person to secure seats to the Orioles-Rays game.  Their kids play on a team called the Rays in the Miracle League, a baseball program for disabled children and young adults.  And, the Baltimore Orioles sponsor the league, so the Orioles-Rays game is a favorite with their families.  This was the first time I'd heard about the Miracle League and it sounds very interesting.  They play near the SDP headquarters, so I'm looking forward to checking it out in March.  My mom, who was a special education teacher, would have really enjoyed knowing such a program  exists.  Hope everyone has a great time at the Orioles-Rays game!

January 27, 2013


The push for a Sarasota Museum of Art to be housed inside the old Sarasota High School seems to have stagnated recently, so the folks behind it came up with an ingenious idea: have an artist create a unique piece of art on the front lawn (along a busy road) to draw attention to the building and the project. Enter stickwork artist Patrick Dougherty. He creates art using real tree branches. He's made stickwork projects all over the world including Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, France (very cool looking bottles of wine) and all over the U.S.

He started this project in Sarasota a few weeks ago and it ended up morphing into what looks like several wood turrets, which even have openings for would-be windows. Dougherty and his team used various sizes of crape myrtle branches. When you look closely, you can see how they fluidly bend and weave together without any twigs or sticks protruding.  It's a very unusual concept and, as you can imagine, it's attracting a lot of attention. 

One of the popular aspects of this project is that you can walk through the turrets and be surrounded by the artwork and gaze up and and down and take it in closely, like Meezie, who I met while taking pictures. She was in awe of the project, like everyone else I've been talking to there. Very cool.  Interesting side note:  Dougherty has degrees in English and hospital administration and started his stickwork about 30 years ago.  To learn more about him check out his website here.

January 26, 2013

Artist Depicting Art

How often do you go somewhere to take photos and much to your delight there's a tangential subject worth shooting? Well, that's what happened here. I made a point to visit the old Sarasota High School to take some photos of a new, unique art project which is being created on the front lawn to draw attention to the now empty building which one day, when enough funds are raised, will be transformed into the Sarasota Museum of Art. I snapped some photos and then I discovered an artist painting en pleine aire the subject I had been photographing. This is Susan Covert.  She's been an artist all her life and now teaches at Art Center Manatee in neighboring Bradenton.  (Check out her website here.)

She's been out here several times painting the new art installation as it has morphed.  We both agreed lighting is critical and that afternoon it just wasn't in the right position (at least not for yours truly wielding a camera).  The project is generating lots of interest and excitement.  So, what is that brown cluster?  And, why would a photographer, a painter and oodles of people be drawn to it?  It's stick art...and I'll show and explain it tomorrow.

January 25, 2013

Sunset Dream

Myakka State Park doesn't disappoint this time of year!  Mother Nature presented another breathtaking sunset last Sunday evening.  It was especially nice because the birdwalk, where I took this photo, was virtually devoid of visitors -- just me and two others.  All you could hear was an occasional splash as a heron stabbed its bill at a fish, sandhill cranes honking, the unmistakable low rubble of alligators, and the unidentifiable caws, chirps and hoots of a variety of unseen birds. It felt so exotic yet so peaceful. This is one of the many reasons why I love this park.  Believe it or not, this photo is SOOC -- straight out of the camera.  I'm linking to Skywatch Friday.  TGIF!

January 24, 2013

Hometown Hero

He's at it again!  Sarasota native and death defying aerialist Nik Wallenda is preparing to walk over U.S. 41 on a high wire without a tether next week. He'll walk from a crane at the bayfront, over the road (traffic will be stopped), to the top of a 15-story condo building.  It should be very exciting!  Nik is the one who wowed the world last summer when he walked over Niagara Falls on a thin high wire through mist and swirling winds.  We all were so proud of that unbelievable feat!  (I posted about it here.) And, prepare to hear a lot more about him in the coming months.  He's going to walk over the Grand Canyon on live TV without a tether sometime in June.  Crazy? Unbelievable?  It's all part of the rich circus history in Sarasota.   He was being interviewed by a local TV station about his latest plans when I snapped this pic.  By the way, Nik is doing his walk next week to promote Circus Sarasota.

January 23, 2013

'B' is for Bald Eagle

For those following SDP regularly, you had to see this one coming.   The letter 'B' was a bit too easy for me since I've been following a pair of bald eagles nesting in North Ft. Myers, about 75 minutes south of Sarasota.  This is the happy couple, Ozzie and Harriet.  I was thrilled to get this shot because they don't spend a lot of time together in the nest.  They seem to be doing well and their two little ones (born at the start of 2013) are growing rapidly.
Most of the time, one of the parents stays in the nest protecting the eaglets (although after they were just one week old they were left home alone for short periods of time, presumably while Ozzie and/or Harriet were watching from nearby.)  If you look closely to the left of the adult in this shot, you can just barely make out one of the babies standing up.  This was taken 9 days ago, and they've grown tremendously since then.  The little ones sleep and flop around the nest.  And they all wait for the next meal to arrive.

This is Ozzie (I believe) delivering a fish.  The nest is close to the Caloosahatchee River, so it's presumed that's where they do most of their fishing.  Recently, they've expanded their menu and I've been told they've had a rabbit and even a pigeon (which created a feathery mess in the nest).  Between seeing them in person and watching the live webcam periodically, I've noticed they're on a very strict time schedule. How a bald eagle tells time so well is beyond me...but, one arrives to the nest around 2:15-2:30 p.m. and again at 5:15-5:30 p.m. The two adults sit together for a few minutes, then one departs...

soaring high into the sky with one or two quick wing flaps, leaving the other adult to watch the babies. Many times they're not far apart...just roosting on a nearby tree enjoying some alone time, but close even to help provide protection in case there's an intruder and potential threat to the babies.

It's all very fascinating, and I'm not the only one intrigued. I've met lots of nice people visiting the nest. Some are locals, while others have been visiting from Nova Scotia, Atlanta and New York. The common denominator: they're in awe that they can see our national bird nesting in the wild near a fairly busy road and they're all rooting for the two little ones to grow up and become regal adults. If you're not familar with the nest webcam, it provides a live video stream 24/7.  Click here to check it out.  And, to see other submissions for the letter 'B' from around the world visit ABC Wednesday.

January 22, 2013


For quite awhile, I've had every intention to participate in Taphophile Tuesday. I even made a point to shoot some interesting cemetery scenes and file them away, like this one on Sanibel.  I was bicycling along a narrow path in the inner part of the island when I encountered a very small cemetery with approximately 12-15 graves. The plots were just feet from the bike path and separated by a low wooden fence. Immediately, I stopped to document the area and that's when I noticed this marker. I've never seen anything like it, have you?  It seems so mysterious and yet it's nice to know this unknown soul was taken care of in the end.  Now, back to Taphophile Tuesday. When at last I was ready to participate, wouldn't you know it...it doesn't exist anymore! Oh, well. At least it got me motivated, albeit a smidge too late for the meme but not for SDP.

January 21, 2013

St. Martha

I'm not sure if this is depicting St. Martha, but I found this pleasant scene in the courtyard of St. Martha Catholic Church in downtown Sarasota.  It's located on a fairly busy intersection, but you wouldn't know that.   As soon as you step into the courtyard, it's incredibly peaceful. I was there during evening rush hour and hardly heard anything outside. It was so nice and tranquil, I wish there had been more time to enjoy it.  That, of course, means I'll have to make a point to return.  (It only took me a few years to get here with my camera in the first place.)

January 20, 2013

Realism Roar

This handsome painting was created by Carlo DiNapoli, the same artist who did the portrait that I posted yesterday.  I don't know much about the finer points of painting, but I think it's a testament to DiNapoli's talent that he can capture not only detailed human characteristics but animals as well.  This is part of the current exhibit in the Federal Building, and in talking with some folks in the lobby it seems to be a favorite right now.  I really like the warm tones, the detail of the fur and those piercing eyes.   Apparently, DiNapoli also is an art instructor in the Sarasota area.  To learn more about him check out  his website: www.DiNapoliStudios.com

January 19, 2013

Painting or Photo?

This is one of the paintings now on display at the Federal Building in downtown Sarasota which I mentioned yesterday.  It was this piece that caught my attention recently when I was walking through the lobby and prompted me to take a closer look at the entire exhibit.  It's an oil painting by a local artist named Carlo DiNapoli.  What's striking is the comparison between the photograph tucked in the corner and the actual painting.  It almost looks as though the photo was simply copied onto canvas.  What talent!  Should you be considering a portrait of yourself (or perhaps a family member) for your mantel, the artist's portrait rates start at $2,900. 

January 18, 2013

New Deal Gallery

Every three months, there's a new art exhibit at the Federal Building in downtown Sarasota.  The Sarasota community is a great supporter of the arts and it was thought this lobby would be a great place for a local art exhibit.  Isn't it better to have something interesting to look at when you're waiting for a meeting or just passing by?  Every time I'm here now, I make a point to check out the latest exhibit.  It's known as the "New Deal Gallery", since the building was constructed during the New Deal era.  Any local artist can submit their work.  There have been photographs, wood carvings, of course, paintings of all varieties on display.  Some I've really liked.  Others, not so much.  But, that's art...and it's a free exhibit.  Over the next couple days I'll show you a couple that caught my eye and see you what you think.  In the meantime, what do you think of Medusa Cat Lady in the left hand corner?  Creepy or cool?  Discuss.

January 17, 2013

Federal Building

This is one of my favorite buildings in downtown Sarasota:  the Federal Building, which is actually owned by the City of Sarasota.  It was constructed in the early 1930's as part of the WPA under President Roosevelt and the New Deal.  Congress approved $175,000 for it.  It served as a post office, then a social security office before the City of Sarasota acquired it several years ago and restored it.  Now, city administrative offices are housed here. U.S. Representative Vern Buchanan also has an office on the second floor.   It's especially eye catching at night, don't you think?  This is another one of those shots I've been meaning to take and since it was a nice night I finally got around to it. 

January 16, 2013

A is for Armadillo

SDP  1-16-13
I've decided to join the fun over at ABC Wednesday. And, conveniently, they're starting a fresh round at the beginning of the alphabet. I spotted this armadillo at sunset rooting along the side of State Road 64 a couple miles north of Sarasota. This was the first time I ever saw a live armadillo near a road.  Odd looking creatures, aren't they?  It didn't seem to mind me taking photos. In fact, it appeared ready for its close-up, rearing back and showing off those razor sharp claws made for digging. And my respect for those claws is why I kept my distance and used a long lens. Click here to see other contributions on ABC Wednesday.

January 15, 2013

Holy Glow

Do you have a shot that you keep meaning to take but you never stop to do so or just never get around to it?  For me, this is one of those shots.  St. Martha Catholic Church is located in downtown Sarasota and I drive by it all the time. The warm glow of the iron lantern is a beacon of sorts, always calling me and piquing my interest.  Finally, I answered the call and I must say seeing it up close was much better than a quick drive-by.  I have another shot that I've wanted to take for years, but it would require me to get up extra early on a Friday morning. For some reason, that never seems to happen. I'll definitely let you know when it does.

January 14, 2013

Eagle Drama

I checked on Ozzie and Harriet again at sunset yesterday. (That's Harriet in the photo.) It was rather dark and I was collapsing my tripod when an eagle drama unfolded right before my eyes. A third bald eagle appeared and swooped by very close to the nest and landed in a nearby tree.  Apparently, this guy was too close for comfort because Harriet immediately returned to the nest (she was roosting in a nearby tree) to provide reinforcements for Ozzie who was protecting the two little ones by himself.  Ozzie and Harriet were very upset, on high alert, screeching and screeching.  After a couple of minutes, Ozzie went on the offensive and buzzed by the intruder, scaring him away without incident. It was high bald eagle drama! Just a couple of us were there at the time and we couldn't believe it.  I'm so happy everyone is safe. Watching this eagle family is much more entertaining than watching TV.

January 13, 2013

I'm Free!

I believe this was Ozzie who was calling at sunset shortly after leaving the nest. He had tended to the two little ones for a good portion of the day and he was getting some alone time. I couldn't help but think he was yelping, 'I'm free!'. The sun was just starting to set and it was during those golden moments when he flew to this branch. What fun! For those unfamiliar with the nest, Ozzie and his mate, Harriet, have nested in North Ft. Myers for five years. Their latest eaglets arrived on Jan. 1st and 3rd and a live webcam is showing them 24/7. To say it's gone viral would be an understatement.   A word of warning, though: it can be rather addictive watching them and could cause sleepless nights and a drop in productivity.   Click here to check it out.

January 12, 2013

Why We Live Here

I'll tell you the honest truth and some of my blog friends to the north might not like it.  It's been absolutely gorgeous here recently, especially in the evening.  We endure the sultry, humid summers and the possibility of devastating hurricanes for nights like this.  I was driving through Southside Village near downtown Sarasota when I saw these folks sitting outside in short sleeves in January.  They happened to be enjoying happy hour at Legends Sports Pub, which had TVs outside and had all but done away with the windows.  The first time I encountered an open structure similar to this was in Acupulco years ago.   I fell in love with the concept instantly.  I couldn't resist the warm sea breeze...and I still can't.  Now, to answer the question everyone is pondering....no, I did not partake in one of the 30 beers on tap.  Unfortunately, I cannot drink beer.  Otherwise, I would have bellied up and this blog may have suffered the consequences.  Instead, I ventured home and went for a stroll without my camera or a coat.

January 11, 2013

Soothing Sunset

Last one from Myakka State Park. This was a little slice of heaven.  With all the wildlife wandering around, grazing and calling, the loud whoops and incessant chatter of nearby humans almost didn't get on my nerves.  The wildlife and Mother Nature sure didn't seem to mind.  Happy Friday!  By the way, I'm linking this sunset to Skywatch Friday.

January 10, 2013

Move, Dear

Growing up in Michigan, I saw lots and lots of deer. They were ubiquitous. I recall one vacation as an adult in the Upper Peninsula when so many deer were popping out of the woods on a dark, winding road, I honked the car horn repeatedly to scare them back into the forest. And, yet, I get a little thrill when I see them down here in Florida. I spotted several families during my recent visit to Myakka State Park, including a doe who sauntered onto the main road and, sure enough, a moment later a smaller one followed. But the little guy was dawdling, taking its own sweet time crossing the road.  Finally, the doe gently pawed at the little one's rump to get a move on.  Sometimes it takes a nudge from someone who loves you to get you going in the right direction.

January 9, 2013

Crane Convention

For amateur ornithologists, such as yours truly, winter in Florida is fun.  It's migratory season, and I never know what I'm going to see with so many feathered creatures flocking south.  It's common to see sandhill cranes here year round.  Usually, they're alone or with a mate.  In the winter, I've seen as many as 5-6 flying together, which is an impressive sight with their 7-foot wingspan.  But, last weekend, as the sun was setting at Myakka State Park, three dozen sandhill cranes filled the sky as they flapped and honked toward the birdwalk and prairie.  What a sight!

It was really exciting because I've never seen so many sandhill cranes flying at once.  Plus, quite honestly, until that moment I had never seen much bird life at the birdwalk.  As they dipped past the visitors and landed, they announced their arrival:  honk!  honk!  (They're quite loud.)

After awhile, another dozen arrived followed by several white pelicans with a few roseate spoonbills drafting.  (Who knew the spoonbills and white pelicans were on such friendly terms?!)  They all peacefully wandered the prairie nibbling on dinner in the beautiful golden sunlight.  Remember the prairie photo I posted earlier this week?  All those sandhill cranes and other birds are 'hiding' in the vegetation.  It was a very successful birding excursion.

January 8, 2013


This tree was in my path during my recent hike at Myakka State Park.  Isn't nature wonderful?  I pondered why it was leaning this way:  Reaching for sunshine?  Water?  Not getting along with its neighbor?  Just before reaching this location, I heard a loud hoot-hoot followed by a low rumble.  I searched and searched high up in the trees,  but I couldn't find what made the sound.  Right when I decided it must've been an owl, I noticed a trail sign indicating that screech owls and barred owls live in the vicinity.  Well..well!  It would be quite exciting to see an owl in the woods.  Maybe next time. 

January 7, 2013


It's beautiful golden sunlight like this that photographers will wait and wait for...and it only lasts a few minutes. I was enjoying a visit at the birdwalk at Myakka State Park in Sarasota over the weekend when the sun started sinking and I knew the golden moments were about to arrive. What a special time! It seems the wildlife in the park wanted to enjoy it too and started showing up. If you look in the middle of the photo on left side, those black blobs are actually wild boar and the small white dots between them are baby boar.  And, on the right side, that brown blotch is a deer. Even with my long lens, this was as close as I could get. But, I could see them really well through my binoculars. Apparently, this prairie, adjacent to the Myakka River, is a popular feeding ground.  Flocks of migratory birds also arrived, which I'll show you over the next couple of days. The capper to the day was seeing a family of wild boar crossing the main road in the park after nightfall.  They were so funny trying to get their little legs and rotund bodies to move quickly.

January 6, 2013


This happy four-legged little tank is Louie, an English bulldog.  Isn't he handsome?!  He was attracting a lot of attention when I spotted him at Bayfront Park in Sarasota.  He was so excited, especially around children, his entire back end wiggled with delight.  Makes me consider getting a dog again.  Since my Mulligan passed away, I've considered adopting, but there just hasn't been a love connection yet.  Occassionally, I check the new arrivals at the Humane Society and Animal Control, but the vast majority are pitbulls or a mix which I'm not interested in.  I'll keep my eyes and heart open for the right little fur friend to come along.  In the meantime, I'll enjoy meeting other people's pleasant pooches, like Louie.

January 5, 2013

Proud Parent

Ozzie and Harriet, the bald eagles in North Fort Myers, are parents!  Eaglet #1 hatched on New Year's Day and #2 hatched two days later.   They look like little fuzzy bobblehead dolls.  So cute!  You can take a peek by visiting the live eagle cam 24/7:  http://dickpritchettrealestate.com/eagle-feed.html  The website has had more than 2 million hits and Ozzie & Harriet were featured on Fox News Channel yesterday morning.  It's all very exciting!  I captured this shot last weekend before the little ones were born.   I'm not sure if this is Ozzie or Harriet sitting in a tree about 40 yards from the nest.  The females are supposed to be bigger, but I can't discern the difference yet.  Hope everyone is having a good weekend! 

January 4, 2013

Urban Changes

I haven't driven down the actual street where the Sarasota bald eagles live in about seven months.  So, when I stopped under the nest the other day something seemed different.  Then it struck me.  The old wooden utility poles, where I captured these two woodpeckers last spring, now look like this: 

They're encased in concrete.  And, I didn't see any birds -- definitely not any woodpeckers -- flying around.

Also, the flat tops, where I captured this shot of one of the Eddies with his roadkill rack of
ribs, have been covered with this:

A pointy metal cap which certainly will discourage the Eddies, and other birds, from roosting.  I'm not sure why the utility company made these changes.  Recently, a structure fire broke out under the eagles' nest.  So, I'm wondering if some utility lines were damaged and the company decided to make the modifications when replacing the lines.  Who knows?!  Besides woodpeckers, I regularly saw bluejays, and cardinals here and once I even saw a red shouldered hawk.  It used to be the most unexpected urban bird oasis.  I wonder if they'll return...

January 3, 2013


Sarasotans love their dogs.  So, it's quite common to see humans with their fur friends at outdoor venues here.  I spotted little Sookie at O'Leary's tiki bar on Sarasota Bay on New Year's Day.  She's a  2 1/2 year old morkie.  (That's a cross between a maltese and a yorkie, according to her human.)  They were enjoying the beautiful weather to start the new year, something which they probably would not have been able to do in Boston, where they just moved from. Perfect time to move with the beautiful weather being what it is here...versus...there.   I bet Sookie is happy with that decision.  Welcome!  By the way, O'Leary's was one of the first places in Sarasota to give man's best friend a warm welcome when the city officially approved outdoor doggie dining about five years ago. 

January 2, 2013

Lookin' Good

After a trying year, I was quite happy to say farewell to 2012. So, I decided to usher in the baby new year with a long walk yesterday morning on Siesta Beach. The place was packed with tourists and locals enjoying the fantastic weather: sunny, 73 degrees with calm seas and a brisk water temperature of 62.  I'd love to see these kinds of stats every day.  What a great way to start 2013!

January 1, 2013

Photo of the Year

Traditionally, the theme day for January in the CDP community has been 'Photo of the Year'. I don't think there's an official theme day today, but I thought I would continue the tradition nevertheless. This shot was taken on St. Patrick's Day 2012 early in the evening. A bald eagle surprised me by flying around a bank of trees in the Sarasota city limits with what appears to be a rack of roadkill ribs. It was so low (just above an electrical line) that I think we startled each other. Definitely, an awesome memorable moment! I ended up calling the eagle family the Eddies (Edward and Edwina) and I have great news about them -- they're back! The other day I mentioned I saw two workmen climbing down the Eddies' cell tower and I was concerned they may have been scared away. Well, I saw both Eddie & Eddie yesterday morning. One was in the nest and the other was flying out of the nest. Excellent. I hope 2013 is filled with terrific photo opps for my friends in the blogosphere.  Happy New Year!