October 1, 2016

Theme Day: Abandoned

I suppose one could describe this scene as the early stages of abandonment.  Tables and chairs are stacked and ready to be placed into position for the lunch crowd -- but, this restaurant on Sanibel island moved locations about a month ago.  Hard to believe this outdoor furniture was left behind.   The restaurant is called Doc Ford's -- named after the fictitious character made popular by New York Times bestselling author Randy Wayne White.  Before becoming a novelist, White was a fishing guide on the island.  Now with many bestsellers under his belt, he owns several Doc Ford's restaurants in the area.  I was happy to hear this one relocated nearby because I always enjoyed food and service.  (Word has it, Randy will be at the new site in just a couple of weeks signing his latest novel "Seduced". )  To see other interpretations of this month's theme day -- abandoned -- by City Daily Photo bloggers click here.