October 22, 2014

Lil' Pumpkin

This adorable little 2-year-old is Cecilia.  She was having a great time at the pumpkin patch at United Method Church in downtown Ft. Myers along with her mom and big brother, Gabriel.  Flitting from one pumpkin to the next…then the next...Cecilia was like a little butterfly landing just long enough to inspect a pumpkin before taking off again.  Some of the pumpkins were small enough for her to hold --- and dash off to the next potential perfect pumpkin for comparison, consideration and contemplation.  What a bundle of energy!  I'm not sure which pumpkin Cecilia ended up taking home.  But, she and her family looked like they were having a fun time.  Ah…to be so carefree and only concerned about selecting the perfect pumpkin!  Happy Halloween!  

October 21, 2014

Pumpkin Lot

Pumpkin Patch
I don't see many good old fashioned pumpkin patches in the Sunshine State. Instead, this time of year, pumpkins are usually for sale in a parking lot or yard.  That was the case with this brilliant bunch that I encountered over the weekend at First United Methodist Church in downtown Ft. Myers. The pumpkin patch volunteers did a great job of transforming the church yard, complete with straw scattered on the ground and bales of hay stacked around the area.  A tip of the hat goes to my blogger friend Kay at Sequim Daily Photo who inspired me a few days ago with a similar pumpkin post.  So nice to photograph some fall color!

October 19, 2014

Air Traffic Control

Ozzie and Harriet, the bald eagles, have returned to their nest in North Ft. Myers, which is good news. It's nice to see them again. I couldn't help but think yesterday as I watched one of them land on this tree, that the sky was so active with birds, an air traffic controller could have been helpful. (Although, they appeared to have everything under control in their own way.)   I believe the two birds behind the eagle are ibises.  Two other birds (lower right) were preparing to fly by the tree, and half a dozen crows and songbirds were roosting on the branches, ready to take off at a moment's notice.  How do they know where everyone is flying...and when?  

October 18, 2014

Tangerine Eve

Myakka Sunset 
A beautiful shock of color bursting through the clouds at Myakka River State Park.  Great way to end a work day.  Or any day.

October 16, 2014

Hello, Stranger

Upon my recent return to Myakka River State Park after being absent during the summer months, I received a few stares which I couldn't help but interpret as, 'Well…where have you been?!'

October 11, 2014


Limpkin Once or twice a year when I'm visiting Myakka River State Park, it seems especially alive. Usually, it's in the early evening following a heavy rain.  The trees echo with water dripping, and seeds falling; curious and hungry animals venture out into the open for a meal.  There's a lot going on.  That's what it was like the other night when I stopped by for the first time in months -- very alive!

We've experienced tremendous rainfall recently, to the point where the park was flooded and the main road impassable. The park ranger advised me the road still wasn't open completely, but I could go about a half mile into the park to a bridge where anglers fish and tourists stop to watch the numerous alligators.  I had the place all to myself and when I stopped to watch this limpkin (after encountering half a dozen deer, a raccoon, several rabbits and three turkeys on my way there), I noticed the area was brimming with vitality.  The scene was so tranquil with the melodious sounds of nature, it reminded me why I keep coming back here.

October 9, 2014

Autumnal Return

Urban Eagle He's back.  I'm back. 
 All's well in the world. 
Hope you've been doing well in the blogosphere.