June 6, 2019

SDP Sunset

After being in existence for 10 years, it's time to sunset Sarasota Daily Photo.  When I launched SDP I never thought it would be around for so long or I would meet so many interesting people around the world via the blogosphere.  I even met Jack of Naples and Hartford in Season and Kay of Sequim Daily Photo in person  -  what a wonderful treat!

With it becoming increasingly difficult to post and interact on Blogger in a convenient way, I've been focusing my time on Instagram.  It's a very welcoming community for those wishing to share photos and learn about photography.  I was pleased to discover several individuals from the City Daily Photo community are on Instagram.  Feel free to find me. I'm SRQJET (surprise, surprise!).

From the entire Sarasota Daily Photo staff, thank you for letting us into your lives over the past decade.  It's been a great pleasure.

Sarasota Daily Photo
Publisher, Editor in Chief, Photographer, Procurement Director, Custodian

P.S.  This photo was captured by the Editor in Chief last week on beautiful Lido Beach on the Gulf of Mexico in the Sarasota city limits.