July 13, 2013


Things remain quite busy. I'm just trying to keep my head above water, like this alligator I spotted recently at Myakka River State Park. We've been getting lots of rain lately in Sarasota and many areas of the park are flooded, which is causing the wildlife to modify its behavioral patterns. Since the plants and brush that the deer and wild boar eat are now under water, the animals are moving inland to higher ground.  My favorite hiking trail is submerged and impassable, but I spotted several deer as they galloped through the standing water last night.  Normally, deer are quite stealth. But, these snorted loudly before racing through the water. They seemed displeased with the situation (I wasn't pleased either, as I was battling a healthy, ferocious contingent of mosquitoes.) Anyway, some of the deer are looking thin and I hope they're able to scrounge up enough food while we wait for the flooding to recede.  As I left last night, there was another heavy downpour. I'm starting to think the only ones out there appreciating all the rain are the gators.  By the way, thanks to those who have been so kind to reach out to us at SDP to ensure we're still alive.  We're hoping to return to regular posts by the end of summer.  **fingers crossed**  Hope everyone in the CDP community is doing well!