December 11, 2013

Why We Live Here

Lots of meteorologists have been pointing out that Florida, with temps in the 80s, is the warmest place in the country this week.  For my blogosphere friends Up North…this is our version of a snowman!  The SDP Junior Editor stumbled across this adorable sandman at Siesta Key beach yesterday. Believe it or not, this quality shot was taken with a phone!  By the time, I got to the beach to shoot the sandman with my DSLR it was getting dark…

 …and this was the scene: beautiful night…clear and in the mid-70s.  I never found the sandman. But, with this sunset, it really didn't matter.  Happy Hump Day!

December 4, 2013

Sunset Surprise

SDP 12-413
Rounding the bend at Lovers Key State Park in Ft. Myers is like stepping into a different world.  It's a desolate beach covered with seashells, and seabirds pecking for dinner.  The last thing you'd expect  is for a park ranger to pull up in a four-wheeler and tell you the park is closed…please go away.  ((sigh))  At least I nabbed this sunset shot before my plans were washed up.

December 1, 2013

Theme Day: Looking Out

SDP 12-1-13
It's theme day in the City Daily Photo world!  When I heard the theme was 'Looking Out', I knew exactly what my photo would be:  Ozzie or Harriet, the bald eagles, looking out from their nest keeping watch.  (I think this is Harriet playing the role of watch eagle.)  Last week, I was excited to hear that Harriet layed two eggs this season.  So, during the long holiday weekend, I made a point to stop by and see how everyone is doing.  (This was the first time I visited the nest in Ft. Myers since last spring just before my computer crashed.) Harriet was busy sitting on the eggs, and Ozzie was helping with 'nest-orations', delivering a couple of large branches.   It was nice to see they're doing well.  The eaglets should hatch around Christmas.  Then, the real fun begins -- watching the little ones grow and leave the nest within a few months.  The live eagle cam is functioning well and an additional camera is now positioned in a nearby tree.   Once again, the live feed is sponsored by Dick Pritchett Real Estate.  You can check out the eagle cam here.  To see other interpretations of 'Looking Out' click here.