March 19, 2011

Beasts in Boats #2

I just love to see a dog on a boat sporting a life jacket.  This handsome german shepherd looked like he was having a great time at Phillippi Creek with his family as they headed out to the Gulf of Mexico.  This is the second post in my new series, "Beasts in Boats".  I'm looking forward to installment number three, if I must say so myself.   


Kathy said...

I think he's anticipating a fun day!

cieldequimper said...

Lol, that's really funny!

Lowell said...

Beasts in boats! I like that.

Isn't it interesting that the dog has a life jacket but the kid doesn't? The can probably swim, but the kid probably can't.


Funny. Sort of.

Hope you're having a great weekend.

Michelle said...

He looks like he is ready for a day of fun.

tinyskillet said...

Great shot! Our dog always loved to be on our boat when we were growing up. He would walk bow to stern and back and get all sorts of attention from everyone.

I did get a photo of a small skiff on the intercoastal with two dogs on seemed way to small for both of them. :D

Jack said...

That is great, SRQ. It is going to be a fun series. By the way, your new banner photo is a keeper, although it would be improved if you Photoshopped in the Red Sox colors!!!