January 24, 2012


SDP  1-24-12
During the holidays, gasoline prices were on a downward trend dropping quite nicely (although no where near what they should be in reality).  Just before Christmas, it was $3.27/gallon for regular unleaded.  And, now look at the price.  Up 24-cents in one month.  If this trend continues we'll be at $4/gallon by April.


We are: Clamco said...

Been wondering where you've been SRQ. I hope all is well with you. Gas up here in PA is $3.59 for reg. It went up 10 cents in just one day last week. We keep hearing $5.00 by summer. I think they start that rumor so that when it hits $4.50 you don't feel so bad, like, "Hey at least it's not $5.00 a gallon!" They've got us conditioned like sheep. Soon $3.00 gas will be the good old days like $1.75 was when prices first started going crazy.

Jim Klenke said...

ouch, you are about a quarter or so higher than us. I paid $3.27 yesterday, it was $3.19 at another station but they had a line waiting.

Meghan said...

Here in Chattanooga it is around $3.14-$3.24 depending on where you go. Knock on wood...It'll probably be $3.50 in the morning!