January 7, 2012

Bird on a High Wire

SDP  1-7-12
Excluding the Photo of the Year, it's been quite awhile since I've posted a bird photo. I spotted this handsome red shouldered hawk along the "Hawk Corridor", which is what I'm now calling a portion of Fruitville Road. On this journey, I encountered 9 red shouldered hawks in a 2-mile stretch. Bird bonanza! In other ornithology news, a bald eagle has taken up residency near Ed Smith Stadium. I first noticed him a couple of weeks ago sitting atop the third base lights, and then, the other day he buzzed right over my car when I was driving by the stadium. Each time I've returned camera in hand, but he's proven to be elusive. I think I'm going to grab my new Christmas binoculars, long lens and tripod and head out early in the morning to find him.


We are: Clamco said...


Jack said...

Excellent, SRQ.

I am enlisting you as my Florida bird expert. Two days ago I played golf in North Fort Myers, and for three holes, we were followed by a pair of sandhill cranes who wanted us to feed them. They came up real close. Aren't they kind of rare? I tried a couple of iPhone photos, but they came out lousy. Got to bring a real camera out on the courses from now on.

Lois said...

What a magnificent bird! I hope you are able to get a shot of the eagle.

Lowell said...

I am jealous! This is such a great photo and I've never been able to get a great photo (not even a good photo) of any kind of hawk!

Kudos to you! And good luck on getting that bald eagle!

Unknown said...

Oh, he is lovely - and you got great detail. The curve of his claws against the wire, for example.