June 2, 2011

Marker 60

SDP  6-2-11
If you continue west along the intercoastal from this point for about 15 minutes, you'll arrive at marker 60: Cabbage Key. You can only get there via boat (or float plane), and it's one of those places you have to experience, especially as a Floridian. And I finally made it there during the long holiday weekend! Cabbage Key (named for the cabbage palm tree, not the vegetable) was established in the 1930's by the family of author and playwright Mary Roberts Rinehart, who may or may not have coined the phrase 'The butler did it'. It's also where Jimmy Buffett may or may not have written "Cheeseburger in Paradise". Besides filled with unconfirmed creative intrigue, Cabbage Key is a teensy island, which includes the following: a handful of cottages, one cozy lodge/restaurant (the bar wallpapered in dollar bills), one wooden water tower and a short nature trail. That's all. It's a great location to just...be. I loved it! So, why black and white for today's pic? It's my attempt at giving a tip of the hat to Clyde Butcher, a still photographer who specializes in black and white in this area of Florida. He's Florida's modern version of Ansel Adams. If you've never seen his incredible work, check it out here. At this writing, I don't have any info to share about what photos Clyde may or may not have taken on Cabbage Key.


cieldequimper said...

Fantastic in b&w, wonderful place.

Lois said...

I just love the black and white!

Jack said...

Perfect photograph, SRQ. I haven't been to Cabbage Key. I'm supposed to be removing items from the bucket list, not adding! I have seen many Clyde Butcher photos in Florida and he does good work. As you do.