October 21, 2014

Pumpkin Lot

Pumpkin Patch
I don't see many good old fashioned pumpkin patches in the Sunshine State. Instead, this time of year, pumpkins are usually for sale in a parking lot or yard.  That was the case with this brilliant bunch that I encountered over the weekend at First United Methodist Church in downtown Ft. Myers. The pumpkin patch volunteers did a great job of transforming the church yard, complete with straw scattered on the ground and bales of hay stacked around the area.  A tip of the hat goes to my blogger friend Kay at Sequim Daily Photo who inspired me a few days ago with a similar pumpkin post.  So nice to photograph some fall color!


Nancy J said...

Beautiful orange, and think of all that soup and pie that can come later, Down here, we will plant pumpkin plants tomorrow. Jean.

Mersad said...

I love the vibrant colors of these pumpkins. Great shots.

Mersad Donko Photography

Haddock said...

Perfect in that sunlight.

Kay said...

(Big grin) Glad to oblige!
I do love the look of pumpkins, even if they're making do with a church yard!

Jack said...

I need to go hunting for photos of Florida punkins. Kay and you have inspired me.

I wondered if anyone would catch me about dragging that big painting around with me. I looked at the text a couple of times and couldn't see a good way of saying it without adding too many extra words.