March 28, 2014

Rafael Nadal

Rafa Nadal
Although world #1 Rafael Nadal holds 13 grand slam titles, he celebrates each victory as if it's his first. This was the scene on the stadium court last Saturday night after he mowed down Australian player and 2-time slam champ Lleyton Hewitt in less than one hour. (That match ended just before midnight -- and there still was one more match to be played that night. Tennis in Miami = late nights!) After defeating Canadian Milos Raonic last night, Rafa has advanced to the semi-finals as he pursues his first Sony Open title. On the college basketball front, my alma mater Michigan State University takes on the #1 seed Virginia late tonight. That will be going on at the same time as the tennis matches. March Madness is indeed underway.  Happy Friday!


Nancy J said...

What a most wonderful opportunity, Rafa is my favourite. Super photos in your series. Cheers, Jean.

Jack said...

Excellent photo, SRQ. Tonight might be the last night I can wish your team well in basketball this year. My team is UConn and they are on the other side of that bracket.

Kay said...

You caught just the right moment here...good job!