October 28, 2010

Preview of Coming Attractions

World renown street artist Edgar Mueller is in Sarasota as the featured attraction in this weekend's Chalk Festival in Burns Square.  That's Edgar contemplating his laptop.  On Monday, with Pineapple Ave. closed to traffic, he set up shop in the street and started creating one of his mind boggling 3D pieces, which you can see taking form on the pavement.  I was a bit surprised when he told me, in between puffs on a Marlboro red, that he doesn't have a working title for the piece --- just that it's going to be about love and hate.  Pineapple Ave. will be filled with professional and amateur Madonnaris (street painters) this weekend including five Italian artists who are being sponsored by Ferrari.  Oooh, start your engines.....this is going to be fun!  Check back in on Sunday --- I'll post a shot of Edgar's final product.


biebkriebels said...

I can't see your picture, only the text.

Lois said...

What a fun event! I look forward to seeing more pictures.

LD said...

Oh I love this guy! Absolutely (as you mentioned) mind blowing trompe l'oeil street art. I actually spoke with him on the phone once when I did a piece on him for a magazine. Look forward to seeing what he created!