June 11, 2010


I've seen these guys playing soccer on the tennis courts near me at night for months.  I just don't understand.  It seems so hard on the knees.  So, when I drove by the other night, and happened to have my camera, I stopped.  It was an interesting experience!  A spectator from Peru informed me they play on hard courts because that's what they play on where they're from and also the courts are much smaller than soccer fields and thus requires less exertion.  As long as they're willing to leave when tennis players arrive and want to use the tennis courts to play tennis, I suppose I don't mind.  But, in reality, how many people would have the gumption to stand on the courts in their tennis togs and confront a dozen strangers and ask them to leave?


LD said...

Another great action photo. Yes the tennis players might run into a problem. It's hard to look intimidating holding a raquet and a small yellow ball.

Lois said...

I would probably just try and find another tennis court rather than confront those guys!

James Mark said...

This is a comment on Rosemary rather than tennis court - very nice! Thanks for calling so often to Jorvik (York).