April 25, 2011

BMX Easter Classic

Sarasota hosted the BMX Easter Classic over the weekend and it was quite busy when I was there Saturday.  The tournament was part of a national championship series and, according to one of the announcers, a couple of Olympic hopefuls were there competing.   Some of the riders were really young (think 4-years-old) and others had a little more life experience under their belts (I believe there's a 40+ age bracket).  I'm not sure what age group this guy is in, but I tip my hat to this (apparent) weekend warrior.  At one point in the afternoon, following a wipeout, one of the announcers said, somewhat jokingly, that the course wasn't that difficult.  Sure...as long as you have enough Tylenol, ice packs and heating pads afterward!  Unfortunately, Blogger reduces the resolution of photos, so this post doesn't really compare to the original.  If you'd like to see more photos from the event, pop over to www.jetmediaworks.com


Jim Klenke said...

that looks like fun to photograph. the pictures on your other site are amazing, you know right up my alley.

Jack said...

Loved the photos on your other site. Lots of color and action there.

Lois said...

All I can think about is how hot it was here this weekend! He must have been roasting in that outfit.