April 9, 2011


Somehow, I ended up at EcoFest in downtown Sarasota this morning sans camera.  No DSLR...no point-n-shoot...not even a cell phone camera.  Sheesh!  So, this photo of Beau is brought to you courtesy of guest photographer, EGL, who captured the moment with her Droid.  Any guesses how much Beau weighs?   211 pounds!  He was flopped out, enjoying a leisurely morning under a chair at an outdoor cafe, where he watched passersby at EcoFest.  If you've never been to EcoFest, think green and sustainability.  I think Beau was trying to sustain cool thoughts in this increasingly warm weather.


Kathy said...

That is one huge dog! A mastiff, perhaps?

Farmchick said...

A cutie!

Mimi McMe said...

What a guy! Saved by the tile flooring.