October 18, 2011

Winds of Victory

SDP  10-18-11

It was a wee bit breezy in East Lansing, MI for the Michigan-Michigan State game. With winds steady at 28 MPH and gusts up to 50, one of the lanyards holding the American and Michigan flags broke. (I was a smidge worried the nearby Spartan flagpole was going to snap and skewer a Wolverine.) Heck, I didn't encounter that much wind during hurricane season in Florida.  In spite of the chilly whipping wind, a good time was had by all Spartans, as we celebrated our fourth straight victory over U-M.  Back to Sarasota posts tomorrow!


Jim Klenke said...

A win always makes the weather seem better.

Lois said...


Jack said...

Way to go, Spartans.