October 26, 2011

Claws Galore

SDP  10-26-11
There are a handful of dates I look forward to every year, including October 15th. That's the start of stone crab claw season. As luck would have it this year, that was the Saturday of my Big, Big Weekend. On the 15th, I was in Spartan Stadium watching the good guys in green defeat the Michigan Wolverines for the fourth consecutive year. So, alas, I missed opening day of stone crab claw season. (Sacrifices...sacrifices.)  I made it to Phillipi Creek Restaurant and Oyster Bar last weekend, though -- and, I wasn't  disappointed. YUM! Sorry about the quality of the photo, which is the result of:  a) warm butter smeared on my phone camera during the feeding frenzy or b) my archaic cell phone preparing to croak. By the way, stone crab claw season lasts until May 15th. (But, they taste best in October!)


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I'm going to have to take your word on this SRQ! they certainly make a great image though.