May 18, 2010

Old Herald Building Revealed

Here's the wide shot of the old Herald Building, which I promised last week after posting this close-up.  The building dates back to the 1920's and is located in the Burns Square district of downtown Sarasota.   And, I discovered it's rather challenging to photograph, particularly since it's at the apex of an intersection surrounded by street signs, curbs, shrubs and tables.  (And, the sun didn't help me either.)  So...'s another view.  This angle is from Pineapple Ave.  The close-up actually was taken from the other side of the building.  It has such history and character  --  I'm so glad it was preserved.  By the way, the yellow umbrellas are outside the Citrus Cafe, a popular lunch spot.


Béa said...

très joli blog photo !

B SQUARED said...

Very well-preserved. Very, "Old Florida."

Birdman said...

Citris Cafe... Pineapple Ave. Great names, I guess we're not in Kansas anymore Dorothy.