July 25, 2010

Round 'n Round

Sarasota is taking on a European flair with...roundabouts.  Several are in the planning stages and this one, under construction right in the heart of downtown, should be finished by Labor Day.  This area is known as Five Points, where three streets converge, creating a five pointed intersection.  Both as a motorist and a pedestrian, I've always found the traffic patterns here a bit confusing.  So, hopefully, the roundabout will make it easier for everyone to navigate.  Round 'n round we shall go!  Standby for photos of the finished product. 


Joy said...

I hate roundabouts! And we do have loads of them in Norwich. We had a near miss one time because some people who move to the UK from another country don't need to pass a test in order to drive in the UK - which means they are not familiar with common driving rules in the UK. He even ended up shouting at us and blaming us. Guess what I did!

Looking forward to the week ahead?

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James Mark said...

Interesting. In fact some European countries such as France have only recently been conquered by the roundabout. Locals in Compiègne, the town we lived in for 7 years, complained about how many had been constructed there.