December 26, 2012

Up on the Rooftop

SDP 12-26-12
Who knows what the story is with this?!  For years, I've driven by this place which looks like a cross between a residence and an unusual business. It's located near a busy intersection in Sarasota and always has an enormous mound of firewood outside year round, which I've never understood since we're in toasty Florida.  When I noticed the upside down mannequin sporting a Santa hat, I finally had to stop.  But, it all remains a mystery.  I didn't see a soul.


Lowell said...

That's really weirdly funny! It could be a terrible distraction, too, at a busy intersection. Made me smile, though!

We are: clamco said...

I like that weird sense of humor. I'm unable to make the photo bigger and, call me crazy but...the building looks to be finished in cut tree slices. Am I wrong? Perhaps the wood is being used to make crafts or wall treatments?
I hope you had a happy holiday SRQ. We're getting hammered with snow in PA as I write this. A typical nor'easter. :(

Jack said...

Google the street address. This is a mystery we can solve!