December 29, 2012


SDP  12-29-12
When I came across gas for $3.15/gallon just before Christmas in neighboring Charlotte County I knew it wouldn't last. That was the lowest price I'd seen anywhere in a very long time. Here in Sarasota prices never got that low, at least not at this station. I believe regular unleaded dipped down to $3.21 last week. Anyway, since Christmas, prices have been marching upward. Believe it or not, though, this price is still 10-cents cheaper than one month ago.


Andy said...

Very much cheaper than the price in Canada.

Kathy said...

We are at 3.02 in Nacogdoches but I paid 2.94 two days ago in Marshall, Tx, just 60 miles from here. Our little local station is still at 3.17. I don't really expect it to go much lower. Most stations raised their prices a couple days before Christmas and only a few have come back down.

Birdman said...

Here it's about $3.45 or so... maybe creeping back up. Yuk!

Jack said...

It is good to see the prices declining.

I got back via your fine city. My flight to ATL was delayed so I missed the connector to RSW. There were no available flights to RSW the next day, so I took a flight to SRQ, rented a one-way car and got back that way. A small hassle, but life is too short to worry about things we can't control!