December 27, 2012

Red Christmas

SDP 12-27-12
How long do you leave your Christmas tree and decorations up? I'm not one of those folks who has their tree down by 7 p.m. Christmas night, that's for sure.  Usually, the cut off is New Year's Day.  That's when I box everything up with the football games on TV in the background.  But, as long as the tree is up I'm still celebrating Christmas.  This is another capture from Grace Baptist Church.  Pretty festive, huh?  Last night was the final showing of the amazing flashing and pulsating light show -- until next year.


Lowell said...

This is an excellent night shot..the cross and the star hanging there in space really make it!

You can leave your Christmas things up the whole 12 days, until January 5, if you so desire. :-)

Ali Crehan said...

We usually leave ours up until New Year's Day. While we love it and the light it brings, the it does take over the living room!

Birdman said...

Thank you, God... ahem Lowell. hahahaha
NYDay we try to take them down... but sometimes they do make it till Little Christmas.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Fab image SRQ it looks a little surreal, like some sort of religious outcrop of luminous mountains, or is that just me haha!

Michelle said...

My decor is coming down tomorrow. Time to get things back in order!