December 30, 2012

Eagle Cam

SDP 12-30-12a
Those who follow SDP regularly know that I love American bald eagles and I've been following a pair in Sarasota who nest in a cell tower in the city limits. Well, a friend from Pennsylvania who was visiting Sanibel recently told me about a nest in North Ft. Myers. I had great success when I checked it out yesterday. I met a local eagle nest watcher who told me this couple, Ozzie & Harriet, have been nesting here for 20 years. They're located off a busy road in a pine tree within a horse paddock. In this pic, you can see one in the upper right hand corner and you can also see a webcam just above the nest. The camera provides a live feed 24/7, which is very cool.  Click here to watch the eagle cam.  The happy couple has two eggs in the nest which are expected to hatch soon. Last night, I watched one of the parents gently rotate the eggs.  And, this morning, one was sitting on the eggs while the other landed with a fresh fish for breakfast.
SDP 12-30-12b
While I was on-site watching the nest, a vulture swooped down very close to the nest which evoked a loud squawk from the eagle sitting on the eggs, followed by a screech from its mate who was perched in a nearby tree.  The vulture dared to return a few minutes later and the eagle who was guarding the nest from afar took off and chased it away.  That's when I snapped this second photo.  Love the eagles!

Note about the Sarasota eagles (aka: The Eddies):  Recently, I've seen one eagle several times near last year's nest.  But, last Friday, I saw two workmen climbing down their cell tower, which was quite disconcerting to see.  I'm not sure if the eagles had nested or were going to do so.  I hope they return.


Leslie D. said...

Very cool! And agreed magnificent birds

Jack said...

This is fun to see, SRQ. I like following the eagles through your work. Have a wonderful 2013.

Michelle said...

I enjoy seeing your eagle pics. My classroom has watched eagle cameras on the Sportsmans Paradise Online web page.

Dina J said...

Great shots! I've been watching the eagle cam and it looks like it's in a good place for pixs right on that road.

Kathy said...

Thanks so much for the link to the webcam. Eagles are such fascinating and beautiful creatures. Hope you have a great New Year!

Lowell said...

Excellent! The eagle swooping back to the nest is just beautiful!

Happy New Year!

Ali Crehan said...

I just looked and there's a wee eagle in that nest now!! Thanks for the link. :)

Your photos of the eagles are so wonderful.