August 31, 2012

What a Jump

SDP  8-31-12

Holy cow!  Gas prices have jumped a whopping 40 cents since last month.  By far, that's the largest increase in one month since I started documenting prices at the same gas station 17 months ago.   Any guesses as to what will happen as we get closer to the election?  Well, at least it's Friday.  TGIF!


PerthDailyPhoto said...

I wonder how that compares with ours here in Perth SRQ, it changes almost on a daily basis, more expensive at the weekend days are Tuesday/Wednesday when it's (regular unleaded)anywhere between $1.38 to $1.45, not sure what the conversion is?

Birdman said...

Ya, pumping gas SUCKS!

Andy said...

In Canada gas is sold by the litre. At the present price of $1.25 per litre that equals about $4.73 per U.S. gallon. Prices are higher in other parts of the country.