August 28, 2012

Thrill Seekers

SDP 8-28-12b
Well, Sarasota made it through Tropical Storm Isaac unscathed -- thank goodness! Feeder bands were still passing through yesterday evening and strong rip currents prompted a 'no swim' warning, but that didn't deter thrill seekers from hitting the water.  I wasn't surprised to see a surfer...but, the guy with the bright yellow kiddie floatie was a bit unexpected.  And, this guy was my favorite:
SDP  8-28-12
A kayaker determined to paddle through the high surf on the Gulf of Mexico.  Moments after I snapped this shot, he flipped over in a wave.  When he surfaced, he seemed surprised he had temporarily lost his paddle.  He kept trying, though.  When he wasn't tossed upside down, he was pushed sideways, parallel to the shore.  It looked rather exhausting to me.  It's always entertaining to watch the silly things people do during storms...until they need to be rescued.

Can anyone tell me what theme day is for September?  It seems the CDP site no longer exists.  Thanks!


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Hi SRQ, so nice to hear from you, with the forum down at the moment it's so easy to lose touch, I'm adding your blog to my site so it doesn't happen again. Glad to hear that you survived Isaac, and yes we have the same thing here when we have a huge storm, surfers, para gliders all trying to outdo Mother Nature, it's a little/lot nuts!!
The theme for September is 'people watching'...I'm off to scroll through missed posts to see if there's any news about Henry and Henrietta!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

We have been hunkered down for a few days here and have essentially survived unscathed. A friend told me that everyone in the storm's path must be making French toast as there was absolutely no bread, no eggs, and no milk on any of the shelves... Well, I did make it yesterday morning as we did have electricity!