August 19, 2012

Sanibel Lighthouse

SDP  8-19-12
I recently enjoyed a stay-cation on Sanibel, a couple hours south of Sarasota.  It's so beautiful and always a peaceful, relaxing getaway. This is a shot of the lighthouse located at the southern tip of the island on the Gulf of Mexico.  The area that's cordoned off with yellow caution tape is a turtle nest. Usually, there are about 90-110 eggs in a nest and very few hatchlings survive the treacherous journey from the nest to the water.  (Nature takes its course with birds gobbling them up.) The ones that make it to the Gulf  have to escape other predators while instinctively swimming for miles to a large area full of seaweed known as the sargassum sea.  I always root for the baby sea turtles -- they're great!   In other news, I'm making really good progress with my epic video.  Fingers crossed it'll be finished soon.


Michelle said...

You are making me miss Florida with this photo!

We are: clamco said...

Hopefully the baby sea turtles will make it to the water with some two legged escorts as I saw happen last summer on Orange Beach in Alabama. It was so exciting and it was only one!
Glad to see you checked in. Fingers are crossed here for you!

Jack said...

Hey, look who's here! Nice to see you posting again.

I always enjoy Sanibel. More of my time is spent on the west side of the island.

The turtles face such a tough struggle. I am on their side, too.