July 21, 2011

Outta the Nest

This osprey decided to stay close to home during its hunting expedition late yesterday afternoon. See the brown blob on the satellite dish in the background? That's home sweet home. But, it opted for the tippy top of a nearby sailboat mast to perch and monitor Sarasota Bay for dinner.


We are: clamco said...

It always amazes me how and where birds make nests. We have a tiny nest behind our satellite dish which is right next to a window so we have a private view of a mama finch and her 4 teensy weensy babies. I've tried taking pictures, but the window screen makes everything blurry. It's so fascinating and wonderful to watch these little miracles. Imagine having a private view of what's going on in that osprey's nest!

Jim Klenke said...

I dont like the osprey, lol. We lose money when they nest on the towers.

Farmchick said...

Cool birds. My dad and I went and checked out an osprey nest while I was in FL.