November 7, 2015

Christmas Creep

SDP 11-7-15

For the past several years I've really been noticing Christmas creep -- retailers creeping up the time of year when they roll out their Christmas sales push.  Step #1, of course, is putting up Christmas decorations, especially the eye catching lights. I  think this is the earliest I've seen commercial decorations going up.

SDP 11-7-15
I took these pictures in Sarasota three days before Halloween. A large crew from a company called Christmas Designers was stringing lights in the palm trees along University Parkway, a busy thoroughfare which leads to and from a major shopping mall.

SDP 11-7-15

Even with a dozen workers and several bucket trucks on site, I was told it would take more than one day to get everything done. One guy mentioned that dealing with Christmas decorations is a full time job and that's all he does year round.  Imagine that!  They were a very happy, enthusiastic group of workers, getting the job done while having fun.   And, I'll note that the music they had playing was not Christmas-themed -- whew!  (Perhaps we can hold off on that until after Thanksgiving?  Although, yesterday,  I received a notice from Pandora that their Christmas channel is up and running and ready for my listening pleasure.)  


Nancy J said...

So early, and the guy in the cherry picker bucket, I see he had a head lamp on, so maybe they work in the dark as well.Full time job!!! Wow, lots of fun for sure.

William Kendall said...

It hasn't quite started here- Christmas trees going up in malls and office tower lobbies might still be a week away, as there's a general preference not to get started before Remembrance Day on the 11th, but a lot of stores already have Christmas stock and other items in place. Christmas lights on palm trees are quite unusual!

Mersad said...

Nonetheless it's nice to see the lights piercing the darkness of the night.

Mersad Donko Photography

Kay said...

I was in a shopping mall the week before Halloween and the two stores I went into were full of Thanksgiving and Christmas home decor. And the other day, closer to home, I came across a sign counting down the days 'til Christmas. 50-something. Ugh.

Andy said...

There should be no Christmas advertising until after Remembrance Day... Veterans Day in the USA.

Stuart said...

That is indeed creepy. I'm not ready. I'm not ready.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh yes SRQ, Santa is in our shopping malls already.. I can't bear to look at him :):)