September 25, 2013

Uncharted Territory

First, we must announce that SDP is venturing into uncharted territory!  This post was produced solely using an iPhone.  The photo was taken with my phone.  Then, the SDP staff downloaded the Blogger app (free) and used talk-to-text to write the post.  Brilliant!  

Well...there's a reason why I'm relying on my iPhone.  And that leads to an explanation about this photo.  Both my old Mac and my brand new one are in the Apple Store hospital for an overnight stay -- and that's a good thing!  The Apple Genius who helped me seems to have a good understanding of the problem and, more importantly, is optimistic about successfully re-migrating my photo library from the old computer to the new one.  It could take 9+ hours to transfer the files, thus the reason for both computers staying at the Apple Store at least for the night.  Keep your fingers crossed...and feel free to say a little prayer for the SDP photo library!


Mersad said...

I really hope everything turns out ok!

Mersad Donko Photography

Kate said...

Losing photos would be a heart-stopper for me. Image of the Apple store certainly looks familiar. Good look with your computers!!

Kay said...

I hope Dr. Geek can resurrect your files. It's always a good sign when someone seems to understand the problem (as opposed to "what in the world is this ungeek talking about?").

Bob Carlson said...

I may need to look into this AP so I can post more regularly.

Jack said...

Taking photos to post with iPhone? Not a problem. I have done it several times already. But then downloading and using a Blogger app? And dictating the text? Whooaa, baby. I got lost there.

Aren't those folks at Apple stores smart? Whenever I go there, someone a small fraction of my age immediately figures out what is wrong and fixes it. Admittedly, it makes me feel like a dope, but I am a results-oriented guy and I can deal with the humiliation if things get fixed. And, I SURE hope your long photo library saga gets a happy ending when you go back tomorrow!