September 22, 2013

Returning Home

SDP 9-22-13
I think I spotted Ozzie and Harriet, the bald eagles, returning home last weekend from wherever they spend their summer vacation. I was driving along U.S. 41 in Ft. Myers and noticed two beautiful bald eagles soaring together and heading in the direction of Ozzie and Harriet's nest. Yes...I think it was them!   (The humidity is starting to taper off and the temperatures are cooler in the morning and evening -- telltale signs that seasonal residents -- feathered and human -- will soon be returning.)  Ozzie and Harriet may very well be inspecting their home right now and doing some renovations before nesting season gets underway. Very exciting! Last year, their two babies were born in January and the webcam documenting their every move became an international hit. This photo was taken just before Ozzie and Harriet left for the summer -- and just before my computer crashed.  

By the way, we have good news on the computer front:  this photo was posted using the new SDP computer and Lightroom 5. (Thank goodness the Procurement Department came through.)  There will be a learning curve using Lightroom, but the entire SDP staff is looking forward to it. (We're particularly pleased we were able to figure out how to crop, watermark and export this picture in a rather short period of time.)  My entire photo library is still somewhat MIA.   The files are on my hard drive, but my photo software isn't able to open and display them in albums with dates, names etc.  We're diligently working to have them fully restored soon.   In the meantime, the Editor-in-Chief is hesitant to resume shooting fresh photos without having the SDP library restored.  So, you may see some old pics posted...or you never know...a staff member could be dispatched to pick up a fresh photo.  I hope everyone is doing well!


Kate said...

Computers are such wonderful things to have but when they aren't working, it's a headache of giant proportions. Glad that you are on track now though.

We are: clamco said...

I think of you often, especially when I try to take a picture of a pelican or a crane. I just can't do it!

Michelle said...

Really a lovely action shot. Glad to hear your computer troubles are on the upswing.

Mersad said...

Hope that technology will eventually sync up!

Mersad Donko Photography

Roger Real said...

What a great capture! So glad to hear the eagles are back to their wintering home... This time of year is so wonderful here!

Jack said...

I am excited about your impending return.

A lost or corrupted photograph library is every photo bloggers' greatest fear. I sure hope you resurrect yours soon.

I begin the drive south on October 14.

Jim Klenke said...

Eagles sure are prettier than the buzzards we see around here.

I sent you a picture a few months ago you can post. :-)

Kay said...

I hope you're soon able to put these woes behind you but it sounds like such a huge headache. In the meantime, you've taken such glorious eagle and other bird shots I'm happy to dwell in the past. Heck, even family pictures from the 50s might be fun!