September 28, 2013


Pass-a-Grille remains one of my favorite places in  Florida.  It's a barrier island on a peninsula within a peninsula at the end of Pinellas County less than an hour's drive north of Sarasota.  The first time I saw this view on Pass-a-Grille also happened to be the first time I visited Florida.  And whenever I'm here (which is not nearly often enough), I remember why I fell in love with the Sunshine State: warm spring nights...outdoor water...palm trees and tropical wildlife.  It was so much different than my home state of  Michigan, I didn't want to go home (and potentially face a spring snowstorm).  Well, I did go home...and within a few months, I landed  a job in Tampa and moved here.  This past Labor Day marked 15 years living in Florida and I never have regretted the decision. 

By the way, this is another iPhone post.  No word on my computer...but I'm remaining optimistic a very happy ending is right around the corner. 


Jack said...

I love this one, SRQ. It is as if you posed one pelican on each post.

So, here is the story of your relocation to southwest Florida! I sure don't blame you. For me, it is the warm evenings in the winter, when I can be outdoors in the evening even in January.

I am hoping along with you that the photo library problem gets solved very soon.

Mersad said...

Hopefully everything will be resolved quickly with your computer.

Mersad Donko Photography

Bob Carlson said...

My Dad moved us down after the blizzard of '76 in Philly. He had enough of the snow. The next and last time I saw snow was the blizzard of '93 snow bound in Asheville. I'm done with snow. In all the years in FL I have have yet to find this place. I will plan a trip.

I too posted to my Hollywood Photos blog from my phone. You teach me the coolest tricks. Thanks

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Love this shot SRQ, as Jack pointed out .. Not a free parking in sight :) I can see the attraction of Florida weather, its probably a bit like Perth.. What progress with the computer probs, gosh you really have had bad luck..hopefully catch you soon.

Andy said...

When in Florida I always found the pelicans fascinating to watch. Hope you get your computer fixed soon. I miss your regular postings.