November 21, 2012

I See You!

imagSDP  11-21-12
What do you see in this photo? I drove by this scene and was so surprised, I turned around and stopped to photograph it. This could be the first time I've ever seen a law enforcement officer hiding behind an American flag on private property using a radar gun to catch speeders. I spotted this on 17th Street at Beneva Road on Sunday morning.  Around the corner, several patrol cars were lined up, apparently ready to chase down lead footed drivers and issue tickets.  When no cars were passing by, the trooper would duck as close as possible to the wall to conceal himself.   While I was there, no one was pulled over and the trooper didn't seem to mind that I was documenting what was going on.  (And, no, I wasn't pulled over when I left.)


Lyndsey Chapin said...

I've seen them a few places around town doing this. Once on 41 right before Sarasota Square Mall, they were lined up in a church parking lot across from where Kmart used to be. Another time on Fruitville road they were in the VFW no the Moose(or something)lodge parking lot all lined up ready to stop the lead feet out there!

Nice shot though...the stick person sign catches your eye first.

We are: clamco said...

This is freaky!! So where was his #2 man? He must have had another cop in a vehicle around the corner ready to pounce on unsuspecting drivers, no? Or did he wait for them to stop at that light and then tap on their window?

gregory urbano said...

it is that time of year when they try to slow motorist down so people dont get killed around the holidays
figure people would already have the common sense to slow down and enjoy life right?

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Hand held is used here a lot too, in a way I feel if people would observe the speed limit perhaps Christmas might not be the tragic time for the families who get that dreadful knock on the door. Happy Thanksgiving SRQ.

Ernie said...

Glad I missed him. I drive past that Tube Dude all the time.

Andy said...

I love it.

Jack said...

If he is really trying to slow people down instead of just boosting ticket revenue, he should stand out where he can be seen better.

Anonymous said...

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