September 13, 2011

WTC Memorial

SDP  9-13-11

This is a steel girder from the World Trade Center which was unveiled over the weekend. (I showed it covered here.) It's now on permanent display outside the new Sarasota Police Headquarters, positioned to give the illusion that it's falling. Many other communities across the country acquired similar artifacts from the WTC to create local memorials. Located outside the front door of the Sarasota police building, it's a fitting tribute to the first responders who died on September 11th. This is my fourth consecutive post about September 11th, and I anticipate it will be my last...for approximately one year.


L.D. said...

Powerful and tangible reminder. Thanks for your moving tribute this week

Farmchick said...

Really a majestic display.

Jack said...

I have been reading about some other places that received tangled girders from the World Trade Center. Up here, the town of Wethersfield incorporated a girder into its tenth anniversary celebrations. One of the men who died at Ground Zero was from Wethersfield.

Sérgio Pontes said...

A powerful shot to remenber the day that the world had changed forever