September 23, 2011


Most of us Floridians like to think that if we make to October, we're pretty much out of hurricane season. Of course, there are Tropical Storm Wilma which popped up around Halloween a few years ago and ripped across the state from Naples to Ft. Lauderdale. I know people who were without electricity for three weeks from that storm. Anyway, let's keep this tropical weather discussion to a murmur lest we disturb Mother Nature. As for this photo, I stopped to take a picture of some cool storm clouds hanging over Sarasota Bay, but before I could snap a shot, the sky opened up. So, instead, I give you a photo of big, fat raindrops plopping on my windshield.


We are: clamco said...

Everytime I tell people I want to move to Florida, they always say, "But the heat! And the hurricanes!" Well, in the past few months, PA has endured hurricane Irene, an earthquake and then tropical storm Lee that caused massive flooding. I've decided that there's no truly safe place to live anymore. I mean an earthquake in PA? C'mon!

Lois said...

Cool shot of the raindrops! Hurricane Kate hit us here in Tallahassee the week before Thanksgiving in November 1985. I had no power for a couple of weeks. So no, let's not speak about tropical weather at all!

Jack said...

Good topic for a post, SRQ. With homes in Connecticut and Florida, I have the best and worst of the differences in the seasons. Today in Hartford it is raining hard and I was out taking "rainy windshield" photos, too. Now I will feel like a copycat if I post them.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Shhhhhh... we're trying to sneak by October here too!