April 16, 2018


Well, this is what happens when Sarasota Daily Photo (left) meets Sequim Daily Photo in Sequim, Washington.  Would you expect anything less?!  The entire SDP team was given a very warm welcome by Kay and her DH.  What a pleasure to meet both in person!  They were hospitable and gracious, welcoming us (chilled) Floridians with tasty homemade soup before we ventured out for a tour of the area (cameras in hand, of course).  Although it was overcast and drizzling on and off while we toured, the sheer natural beauty of the area was evident.  Almost immediately, we spotted bald eagles -- much to our delight.

This is an adult bald eagle with two juveniles.  (To me, the two juvies looked like vultures, so it was very helpful to have Kay and DH's discerning eyes.)  Then, a short distance away...

....we encountered this guy hanging out in a tree along the road.  He didn't mind us walking up quite close.  He appeared to be having a good stare over the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

This is the general area the eagle was watching over.  As one who adores lighthouses, this part of Sequim fascinated me.  This is the New Dungeness lighthouse.  You can get there by hiking five (5) miles across, what I believe Kay and DH said, is the longest natural spit in the U.S.  Wow!  Had time permitted, the SDP team would've happily taken on that challenge!

We visited several places that Kay has blogged about, like the Dungeness Recreation Area and Port Williams (shown here).  The bluffs, driftwood, flat stones (good for skipping!) and grey skies here  reminded me a lot of the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.

During our outing, Kay and DH gave us the inside skinny on what's going on in the community such as a proposal to possibly privatize John Wayne marina.  Sure hope it remains publicly owned at the very least.  It seems like a wonderful community asset.

I kept saying, 'Oh, yeah...I saw this posted on your blog!'   Case in point:  this lovely bucolic scene.  

Our time was limited, but we made the most of it, visiting many areas in Sequim and enjoying good conversation.  Before departing, the entire SDP team even was treated to a behind the scenes peek at the other SDP global headquarters.  Nice!  Thanks again for the hospitality -- very enjoyable!


Lowell said...

Well, I'm a bit envious of you folks at SDP. I think Kay and her DH are the best and they do live in a beautiful part of the country. There's just too many eagles and that's not fair...we only get a few down this away. Glad you had such a good time.

We are: Clamco said...

Well I love the first photo. That's adorable. Those gray overcast skies are what I think of when I envision life in the Pacific northwest. I'm curious to know if you saw a sunset as pretty as the ones in Sarasota while you were there.

Andy said...

Interesting long distance connect up. I hope you two ladies enjoy your time together.

William Kendall said...

I've enjoyed following Kay's blog. It's a wonderful thing to meet a fellow photoblogger. Beautiful shots!

Michelle said...

How wonderful to meet a fellow blogger, in person!

Kay said...

Oh, what fun! I sure wish our weather had cooperated but you and Jr. Editor were terrific bright spots in our day. It was great fun meeting you both.
(BTW: it seems someone has recently unearthed a law that forbids public marinas from being privatized. So at this writing the John Wayne Marina is safe.)