April 15, 2018

On the Move

Lido Beach

The SDP team has been on the move and is fresh back from an incredible visit to the Pacific Northwest, which included a wonderful meet-up with a fellow City Daily Photo blogger. More on that tomorrow! 

But, first, let's check in and confirm that all's well in Sarasota. With Easter in the rearview mirror, it seems many of our seasonal residents have returned up north (probably much to their chagrin based on the snowy conditions I'm seeing on the news) and the roads and beaches here are a bit easier to navigate.

I stopped by Lido Beach after work last Friday night and seeing the above scene, my curiosity was piqued (again): What is it with boys and seabirds?  It seems they can't resist chasing a flock of birds resting on the beach.  In this case, though, these were black skimmers which are protected by the U.S. Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Florida threatened species list. So, after watching this large flock of skimmers being startled into flight, swooping around, and landing only for the cycle to repeat itself several more times, I began contemplating whether I should explain to the boys that their playful exuberance was probably quite stressful for our feathered friends. Fortunately, another beach goer interceded.

  Black Skimmers

The boys reacted good naturally, taking it all in stride, and leaving the birds to roost contentedly in the sand.  Hope everyone in the Blogosphere has been doing well.


William Kendall said...

I like that trio of birds!

Yes, I saw that you'd been up to the northwest in that other blog. I look forward to your take on it.

Lowell said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a good trip. I shall look forward to hearing more about it. And as crazy as it may seem, I cannot remember seeing these particular birds on any beach I've visited in Florida and I've visited many of them. Perhaps I was concentrating on other things but I don't think so. They're beautiful whatever!

Nancy J said...

Just like a child with a flock of birds, I love to jump on toadstools and puffballs!!! A bit different, but still a lot of fun.Guess they didn't realise that even birds like to sit and be still. The Pacific, that was a huge distance, hope you enjoyed the other coastline.

Michelle said...

Looking forward to seeing some excellent photos on the blog!

We are: Clamco said...

Glad the boys were taught that what they were dong was stressful to the birds. Nevertheless, their actions sparked a great photograph. Cool looking birds.

Kay said...

I'm glad that someone intervened before you had to. I wonder that there weren't adults supervising these kids.

co coya said...

Yes, I saw that you'd been up to the northwest in that other blog. I look forward to your take on it.
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