April 8, 2017

Spring Training

The regular Major League Baseball season just got underway, so I guess I should share these Spring Training pics before they get too dated! Living in Sarasota, I'm within close proximity to many Spring Training facilities. And, it's always fun to spend a spring day at the ballpark. This year, I made it to two games just up the road in Bradenton, which is the spring home for the Pittsburgh Pirates. In this photo, the Pirates were playing the Orioles and the Pirates baserunner slid safely under a tag at first base.  SAFE!

Spring Training
I don't think this Orioles player made the cut to join the Big Leagues. I looked up #17 on the current Orioles roster, but couldn't find him. Some fans sitting in front of me along the right field line temporarily moved out of the way, so I was able to get this shot showing the player hustling to first base.

Austin Meadows
Following the games, some of the players will pause to talk with fans and sign autographs. This young man made quite an impression on me the way he spent so much time interacting with fans and genuinely engaging with them.  His name is Austin Meadows and he's a top prospect for the Pirates. I understand he's starting the season playing AAA ball in Bradenton, since he's so young and the Pirates don't have an open slot for him yet. Seems like he has a winning attitude and hopefully he'll have a long, successful career. 

Travis Harrison
Home run swing! And, this was taken during the first game I attended this year: Twins vs Pirates. That's Twins outfielder Travis Harrison taking it deep. I noticed this year the games weren't sold out -- not even on St. Patrick's Day, which traditionally is a very popular day to go to the park. Not sure why, except maybe the tickets are getting a bit too expensive for some families. Hope everyone has a terrific Saturday!


William Kendall said...

I suspect that's a problem in many sports- the tickets are becoming priced out of reach for many people. Good shots!

Nancy J said...

Superb action shots, and so good to see up and coming players giving their time to fans and onlookers. Even if not in the top numbers yet, this will go a mighty long way in his standing.

Lowell said...

Nice job on the photos. I have made it a policy not to attend or watch any professional sports events (with the exception of golf) for a couple of reasons: 1) The prices are ridiculous and 2) Many of the athletes (especially in football) are nothing more than thugs in a uniform. Well, there's another reason: most of these teams expect and even demand that the city in which they're located provide a stadium paid for by the taxpayers. Oops, one more: The NFL is a "non-profit" organization. How's thats for a laugh?

Kay said...

You've been taking in some outdoor sports lately, great when you're living in such a pleasant climate. Great action shots and a nice portrait of Austin Meadows.

Jack said...

Very nice. You either had very good seats or a very long lens. Or both. I am a bit envious.