April 11, 2014

Sarasota Film Festival

Sarasota Film Festival
The 16th annual Sarasota Film Festival has been going on for the past week. More than 250 independent films will be shown this year, and directors, producers and sometimes even celebrities show up for the event.  I'm definitely no cinephile. One average, I probably go to one movie a year. (This year it was the sequel to the Hunger Games -- fabulous book, really good film.) But, I really wanted to screen at least one film at this year's festival.  With so many films to choose from, though, where does someone like me start? Well, it wasn't difficult. I immediately found a documentary, 'Rich Hill', about three teenage boys growing up in a small rural town in Missouri called Rich Hill. Apparently, it did very well at the Sundance Film Festival.  After seeing the trailer, I'm quite excited to see it this weekend.  Check it out:
A complete film guide is listed here.  When I'm not at the Film Festival, I'll be back checking on the owl family.   And, SDP got a hot lead last night about a family of sandhill cranes in the area.  The Sarasota Open (tennis) and the Shark's Tooth Festival are also going on this weekend.  So much to do this time of year.  But, first…the Friday workday! 


cieldequimper said...

Love the shot, very inviting box office! Hope you enjoy it!

Andy said...

Since you enjoyed The Hungry Games I recommend Divergent. It's already showing in theatres so it's not likely at the film fest.

Stefan Jansson said...

I thought the first Hunger Games was different, but not very good. The second was just horrible. But then again it was probably made for teenagers.

Lowell said...

Enjoy. I've never been to a film festival but I think there is one coming to Ocala which will focus on the films made at Silver Springs. I won't go, but I hope it's a big success.

Kay said...

Wow! The film fest looks like fun! Our film watching is almost entirely via Netflix. A real cinephile would probably dismiss that, but I'm not big on listening to other viewers and kicking discarded popcorn boxes. Netflix offers plenty of choices for us, though I know we miss some of the smaller independents like the ones you can choose among.