April 13, 2014

Construction Resumes

New Construction
We haven't seen something like this for awhile here -- new commercial construction.  And, now it appears we may have turned a corner in Sarasota with new development.  According to the sign, this   soon will be a 7-11 at Tuttle and 12th St., across from Ed Smith Stadium where the Baltimore Orioles play spring baseball.  It's an interesting location for a convenience store -- right in front of a strip mall. From the looks of the construction, it appears it also will be a gas station.  There's also a townhouse development that got underway in downtown several months ago.  And, work on an 18 story condo building is expected to start any day, also in downtown.  And, all sorts of hotels are in the pipeline:  a total of five, including a proposed Westin, Aloft and Embassy Suites.  We'll see how many come to fruition.  But, there's definitely a lot of interest in Sarasota!

The screening of 'Rich Hill' at the Sarasota Film Festival yesterday was terrific. What a good documentary -- very thought provoking.  A Q & A was supposed to be held afterward with the director, but it was cancelled because she was at a different location in Sarasota receiving a Special Jury Award from the festival.  C'est la vie.

I'm continuing to have some amazing encounters with the barred owls.  I went to the park directly from the movie theater and mama owl was in rare form.  She was hooting and hooting -- my, what a deep, hearty call she has!   Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday on tap.


cieldequimper said...

Lucky you for the owl encounters.

This looks messy... But then construction always does.

Kay said...

That looks like a mini construction boom. We've seen more construction around here, though it's mostly single family housing. It seems like we're losing more businesses lately (several restaurants for one reason or another, a bookshop) so we're not out of the woods yet.

My eagle shots - and all others, too - are with my Tamron 18-270 mm lens. It's my go-to these days (though I did have to return it for repairs to the drive after about 2 mos. of use). What are you using for those fabulous owl shots?

Michelle said...

Lucky for you with the owl! I hear them at our farm, but never see them!

Jack said...

After the tough times in southwest Florida over the past six years, we all cheer construction that in past years we might not have welcomed.

I just checked Google Maps and see that Sarasota is only 1 hour and 39 minutes up route 75. What should I see?