May 16, 2016

I Spy

Everglades National Park

This is the final installment of our Everglades National Park tour.  This is Pa-hay-okee Overlook just before sunset. Swamp and wilderness stretch for miles on end. It's simultaneously, beautiful and peaceful -- and a bit creepy knowing all the reptiles and other creatures that call this area home. We left the overlook with a hint of a daylight left -- and, it's a good thing we did!

As we drove away, I spotted something alongside the road!  The SDP Junior Editor gets an 'A' for creativity.  Rather than risk scaring away the wildlife by opening/closing a car door, she popped her head through the sunroof to get a better look.

She had a great vantage point! 

Everglades National Park

Dusk was rapidly setting in.  But, there was no question what was perched in that tree so close to the road.

Everglades National Park

A barred owl!  And, it seemed very curious about the activity on the road. Somehow I was able to quickly and quietly set up my tripod.  And, maxing out the ISO, I was able to squeeze out this shot.   What fun!  Believe it or not, this is how our brief excursion to the Everglades ended -- very memorable. Looking forward to returning!  


Nancy J said...

That is so amazing, and well spotted.

Andy said...

You are so lucky. I keep looking but I haven't seen an owl in years.

We are: Clamco said...

So awesome!!

Jacob said...

Congrats on having a great trip down in the park. That overlook I would like to walk. Great shot of the are quick and creative.

William Kendall said...

What a beautiful owl!

bill burke said...

That is a great photo of a beautiful owl and a wonderful way to wrap it all up.

Brian King said...

That's fantastic! Such a beautiful owl!

Kay said...

That owl is quite a nice reward for your journey, and a decided improvement over the vultures. What a great sighting!