March 13, 2016

The Model

SDP 3-13-16
In yesterday's post, I mentioned this handsome cormorant was a poser wanting to make sure I got his good side.  How do I know this?  I offer the following:

SDP 3-13-16
"How does my neck look?  Are you sure that lens isn't making it look too long?"

SDP 3-13-16
"My left side looks good!  Don't you think?!

SDP 3-13-16
"But, check out my right side!  The sunlight at this hour brings out a hint of blue in my eye." 

SDP 3-13-16
And, he played the role of diva supermodel well, being a smidge temperamental, craning his head to see behind the camera:  "Hey! What are you looking at?! Nothing to see here. Move along!  And…could someone powder my beak, puh-leeze!"

By the way, I was asked the difference between a cormorant and an anhinga.  The simple distinction (to me) is in the beak:  an anhinga has a straight knife-like beak and the cormorant has a hooked one.  Happy Sunday!


Nancy J said...

Too hard to choose one out of them all, super settings, and your words, please write a book sometime with suitable photos and words together. This gave me a wide smile.

Andy said...

Wow! Nice photos. Go back a few decades and there were no cormorants here in Ontario Canada. Now they disappear before winter and return in the spring.

Kate said...

A wonderful cooperative model. Great photos!

Brian King said...

Wow! Gorgeous portraits!

bill said...

He sure knows how to pose. Excellent set of photos!

William Kendall said...

He definitely seems to know the camera loves him!

Michelle said...

He is quite a poser!

Lois said...

You really got some good shots. What a cooperative bird!

Kay said...

That is a very nice touch of blue in his eye. You got some wonderful shots of this guy, including that intimidating little hook at the end of his beak.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Oh my gosh what a prima Donna :) I do love cormorants, they are such posers :) Excellent 'portfolio' shots SRQ :)