November 7, 2014

Ho Ho Ho

SDP 11-7-14
The day after Halloween, Christmas commercials started running on TV. So, I'm not overly surprised to see lights going up in the trees the week before Veterans Day…and three weeks before Thanksgiving.   This might be the earliest holiday season yet.  But, these decorative lights are so pretty, I wouldn't mind if they were up year round.

  SDP 11-7-14b
I must admit I was a bit excited to actually see the lights being strung. Usually, it seems like they magically appear overnight. So, when I encountered this scene on my way home last night, and I happened to have my camera with me, I had to stop. These guys sure were making it look easy climbing through the trees and wrapping the lights.  By the way, they had music playing.  Thankfully, though, it wasn't Christmas music yet.  (That definitely should not start until after Thanksgiving.)


Nancy J said...

Magic, with a helping hand or 4, what a great time to get that photo. Love those lights too. Jean.

We are: Clamco said...

So pretty! They've been doing the same thing here in Fairhope AL, except that they don't light the trees until next week. It's quite the event!

Birdman said...

I'm on my back 'crying uncle'!
PLEASE! Too early.

Brian King said...

Wow, that's quick! I personally like to finish one holiday before moving on to the next. They are beautiful lights!

Jack said...

I don't mind having trees lighted now, though I don't like seeing wreaths, Santas, etc. Some places light trees like this year round.

Kay said...

Ok. I can handle lit trees. Even like them. But I draw the line at the rest of the decorations that are up so long that the jolly red things start fading. And please spare me the carols (especially the background, tinny ones in mega-stores). Oh, dear. Does that ever sound like the Grinch speaking!?!