October 7, 2012

Ringling Courtyard

SDP  10-7-12
The lush Ringling courtyard, filled with oversized flowering pots and large statues (including one of David), separates the classic art gallery from the visiting exhibitions gallery.  It's a popular venue for special events including galas, wedding receptions and even the occasional political rally, where the Republican presidential nominee was spotted just a couple of weeks ago..
Mitt Romney
Of course, Governor Romney's visit at the courtyard attracted some protesters and sparked this scene outside the museum: 
Mitt Romney Rally
Yep...there's always something interesting going on at the Ringling estate!  (Usually it's pretty sedate.)  Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


Jack said...

It is a pretty courtyard, with great colors and a lovely blue sky. When I run for President, I plan to speak here, too.

We are: clamco said...

I'll vote for you Jack!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Me too Jack, you need a President with a great sense of humour haha! This is the perfect spot for so many occasions SRQ.

Birdman said...

When it comes to politics, it's always a 3 ring circus. Mr. Ringling would agree!

Michelle said...

Jack, if you could go ahead now and get your name on the ballot....it would be helpful :)

Cathy Hudspeth said...

Great shot of Romney! I did not get to the Romney rally down by the Pier just a day before this rally. Wish now I had gone. Paul Ryan has been at The Vinoy for over a week preparing for tonight's VP debate. Never did see him, though.