May 14, 2012

Water Moccasin

As much as I enjoy nature walks and taking in the sights and sounds, it's what I don't see that creeps me out. I'm keenly aware there are creatures out there blending into the foliage so well they're basically invisible to me. Take this water moccasin at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary for example. I strolled right by it several times oblivious to its presence as I concentrated on the pretty songbirds flitting to and fro. An Audubon Society volunteer passing by asked if I'd seen the snake. Snake?! What snake?! Even when he pointed directly at it, I didn't see for a moment. This is why one stays on the boardwalk!  Later during our virtual tour, I'll show you another reason why you shouldn't leave the safety of the boardwalk.  (Think big maws in the big sanctuary.)


Jim Klenke said...

that would freak me out.

Cathy Hudspeth said...

Yes, scary.

cieldequimper said...

Ah nooooooooon !

Halcyon said...

I saw it right away. But his colors do blend in. :)

Jack said...

If I weren't looking for it, I sure wouldn't see it! Stay on the boardwalk, SRQ.

Anonymous said...

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