February 20, 2012

Washington's Birthday

SDP  2-20-12
My Junior Editor and I spent quite a bit of time researching Presidents' Day -- and learned some very interesting information. (I remember as a youngster honoring George Washington and Abraham Lincoln's individual birthdays in school, so I wondered what prompted the change to "Presidents' Day".)  First, I cannot tell a lie, this is a bit confusing.  But, the bottom line is this:  there is no federal "Presidents' Day".  The official federal name is "Washington's Birthday".  The birth of George Washington, the first president of the United States, has been recognized as a federal holiday since 1885.  In 1971, the federal observance was shifted to the third Monday in February.  It was not named Presidents' Day, instead it remained Washington's Birthday.  The intent of the date change was to continue to honor the life and legacy of Washington, while providing a long weekend for federal employees.  Subsequently, some states and localities have created their own name for the holiday, with some opting for Presidents' Day.  Some states, like the State of Florida, opt not to recognize it.  All state offices here are open today.  To see the federal holiday calendar, with an explanation about George Washington's Birthday, visit the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

Now, with that somewhat confusing history lesson behind us, let's discuss today's photo. Several weeks ago, I encountered this adorable tin roof barn in rural Sarasota County.  I figured, with that wonderful colonial flag, I'd hold this photo until Independence Day...until I remembered George Washington's Birthday.  And...voila!  God bless America.  Thank you Washington!


Lowell said...

Thanks for the history lesson...so many things I don't know and I taught American history!!!

Love the photo!

We are: clamco said...

Whatever they call it, it's a day off for me and I'm very grateful. I really needed it! No more time off now until Easter break. Love the flag mural!

Michelle said...

I didn't realize that the state of FL didn't recognize President's Day. I am grateful for the day off with my family, for sure.

Jack said...

I didn't know that. I thought it was President's Day. Thanks for the history lesson.

Your photo is a fascinating bit of American, the kind you can find only on some country road.

cieldequimper said...

You'd never see anything like this here.

Jim Klenke said...

I remember those flags were all the rage in 1976. Wonder how long its been on that barn?