August 13, 2011

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SDP  8-13-11
After a grand total of approximately 100 raindrops fell, the taillights on southbound I-75 turned bright red and traffic slowed to a crawl for this: what appears to be a single vehicle wreck without serious injuries. I mention the precipitation because without fail as soon as it starts to rain, drivers in Florida seem to forget how to drive, which is especially interesting since it rains almost every day in the summer. The lack of driving prowess during inclement weather probably has something to do with the fact that so many vehicles here are rolling around with bald tires. Of course, without traction if you hit a slick're off the road and in the ditch. I'm glad no one seemed to be hurt in this crash -- and, I wasn't stuck in traffic too long.


Jocie Z ROCK said...

can you imagine if we were stuck in that Houston Accident? that was crazy!

Jim Klenke said...

Glad nobody was hurt, we are getting a light rain shower as I type this. WHOO HOO.

Jack said...

But there is SO MUCH rain in the summer? Slow learners in the Sunshine State.