December 26, 2010

Caffeine Infusion

For many, the day after Christmas means rushing back to stores to take advantage of marked down merchandise and to return and/or exchange presents.  Of course, that requires energy.  A venti pumpkin spice latte (with whip cream) should do it!  By the way, you're looking at a picture of what very well could be one of the smallest Starbucks stores.  It's on St. Armands Circle and is approximately the size of a shoebox.  And, yet their pumpkin spice lattes are just as delicious as the ones at a regular sized store.


cieldequimper said...

Good grief, the winter sale only starts in January and I'm glad that it does! Shopping madly just after Christmas isn't something I'd enjoy I think. I would, however, buy you coffee and I'll have a tall mocha! Might just do that tomorrow, there's a Starbucks right next to the office!

Birdman said...

Ya, after all the shopping... ah a java high!

James Mark said...

Small is beautiful - sometimes! Snow again here, so thankful for our percolator and good ground coffee.

Joy said...

Well that latte certainly sounds delish. Shame they don't serve it here.

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